Hello, we are Wevr

Wevr is a leading interactive software company producing best-in-class virtual worlds. Wevr's multiple award winning ocean experience TheBlu, remains one of the most popular introductory VR titles to date. Wevr created ground breaking Harry Potter immersive experiences in partnership with Warner Brothers. A creative collaboration with Jon Favreau (Iron Man, The Jungle Book, Lion King), Gnomes & Goblins is an Emmy finalist for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media. Wevr has produced innovative interactive experiences with creatives including Reggie Watts, Run the Jewels, and Deepak Chopra, and has earned partnerships with Samsung, Time, NYT, Vulcan, Google and others.

At the forefront of the metaverse ecosystem, Wevr is developing a cloud software platform, Wevr Virtual Studio, enabling 3D artists to easily make and share 3D projects. Wevr’s world class leadership team is comprised of repeat successful software entrepreneurs and Academy Award-winning digital entertainment pioneers who have delivered massively successful products including Avatar, The Lion King, Call of Duty and The Sims. Wevr is a diverse and fully distributed workforce company.

Our Story

We Believe in Immersive Experiences

Immersive stories have the power to alter people’s lives more than any other medium. Today’s immersive technology can draw consumers into deeply engaging game sagas and complex narrative journeys only comparable to lucid dreams or hyper real life. Our quest at Wevr is to create transcendent globally shared immersive stories that are inspiring and remarkable. And we are passionate about enabling creators around the world to do the same. 

We tell our stories through realtime software simulations

Our team is born from the use and development of software to create great stories and experiences. We see the world as a balance and blend of powerful storytelling coupled with technology. We push story and core emotional ideas and realize them by engineering magical software, rendering these stories in real-time for our users. This is Wevr’s DNA. Immersion is increasingly shaped by software. Software enables new methods to create and express stories, gameplay, characters and worlds. Beyond projecting images on a screen or the playback of sounds, delivering immersion and presence requires the integration of input and response systems only possible with software. Wevr makes software that delivers memorable stories and moments. We call these software-based stories “simulations”. We have established a creative storytelling practice based on an immersive software development methodology that we have been refining for years. A methodology that comprises balancing agency and narrative, a multi-sensory design approach, and an obsession on the emotional arc induced by the experiences we create. 

“A tech wave like this only comes along every few decades. We are unbelievably fortunate to be at the beginning of this one.”

–Michael Abrash, Chief Scientist, Oculus

Pioneering Explorations

Wevr has been exploring immersive storytelling since the company was founded in 2010. 

Our first simulation was an interactive story about the oceans as a web of interconnected life. TheBlu debuted in Times Square New York in May 2012, as an interactive real-time simulation with digital fish displayed on the giant Nasdaq screen and swimming from device to device on people’s phones. Those were also the early days of the Oculus Kickstarter campaign. We’ve worked with the Samsung GearVR since its first prototype in early 2014 and theBlu was an initial launch title. In November that same year, Wevr was the first company to get access to Valve’s VR HMD prototype which was affectionately called the “-1 Dev. Kit” that eventually became the HTC Vive. Wevr’s “theBlu Encounter” would be the first demo shown on the Vive at HTC’s launch event in Barcelona in March 2015, as well as at Valve’s Game Developers Conference unveiling in San Francisco later that month. 

Over the last several years we’ve developed our own toolkit of best practices to deliver presence with zero nausea for the full range of devices from mobile to room-scale VR and LBE. And we’ve created numerous experiences across devices and formats. We partnered with Vulcan (the late Paul Allen’s company) on the Holodome project – an immersive projection format enabling groups of up to 10 people at a time to step into a dome and have a shared immersive experience together. Over the course of a 5 year journey we collaborated with Jon Favreau on an experimental VR project, Gnomes and Goblins, exploring the balance of narrative and agency, and the dynamics of human interaction with digital characters in a simulated virtual world.  

More recently we partnered with Warner Brothers and JK Rowling’s team to create groundbreaking immersive experiences for Harry Potter. For the first time, fans will be able to fully immerse themselves in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. 

Now building the Metaverse together

Our obsession with software to create immersive simulations has led us to developing new tools to empower artists and developers to create 3D interactive worlds. Pushing at the forefront of the evolving Metaverse ecosystem, Wevr is now developing a cloud software platform, Wevr Virtual Studio, enabling 3D artists around the world to easily make and share 3D projects, and participate directly in the co-creation of the future Metaverse. 

“The Metaverse is going to be far more pervasive and powerful than anything else. It needs to be open and everybody from an individual participant to a major developer should participate on equal terms.”

- Tim Sweeney, Founder/CEO, Epic Games

It takes a community of creative misfits and engineers to create the future.

We believe that immersive and spatial computing is the next generation medium. Real-time massively scalable simulations, with AI characters co-inhabiting persistent worlds running across a range of rapidly advancing devices, with open social interactions at the center.

Every day Wevr pushes the boundaries of virtual worlds both technologically and artistically, bear-hugging independent creatives from different disciplines as we produce groundbreaking simulations together. We believe ourselves truly fortunate to be faced with this amazing confluence of art and technology, its future unwritten, potential unlimited.



  • Jon Favreau

    Director, Producer, Writer

  • John Gaeta

    Designer, Inventor, ECD

  • Andy Jones

    Director, Animation Director

  • Reggie Watts

    Artist, Musician, Actor


  • Joichi Ito

    Founder, Investor

  • Jon Jashni

    Media Executive, Investor

  • Scott McNealy

    Founder, Advisor

  • Jerry Yang

    Entrepreneur, Investor