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Consumers around the world are seeking new experiences to enjoy–something special and exciting that can fill their lives (and social media feeds) with wonder and leave them with a lasting memory. We believe thoughtfully crafted attractions with immersive stories at their core directly appeal to this desire, and creating these kinds of experiences is what we do best.

Available as both single- and multi-person installations, Wevr’s groundbreaking location-based entertainment attractions are available in a standard, turnkey format or can be custom created specifically for your audience. Whether you want a bespoke attraction or would like to bring our world famous deep sea dive simulation, theBlu, to your venue we have you covered.

Multi person group experiences

Multi-user experience rooms designed to transport groups into an altered state of being, offering full body tracking, group interactivity, haptic equipment and even scents to create a feeling of maximum immersion

Single Person Experiences

Portable, single-person viewing pods customized to offer a range of high quality programming available in both 360 video (seated) and room scale (standing / walking) formats

TheBlu Multi-person Group Experience

TheBlu : Deep Rescue, in partnership with Dreamscape, is a social location-based immersive experience unlike any before.

TheBlu : Deep Rescue is a 10-minute adventure propelled by a conservationist narrative, specifically designed for venues such as museums, recreation centers, malls and other public spaces. In groups of up to six people at a time, participants can roam freely seeing themselves and their fellow travelers in dive suits with the ability to splash water, interact with schooling fish, ocean spray, and literally riding underwater scooters alongside giant blue whales with your friends.

TheBlu : Deep Rescue is exclusively available at the Dreamscape location. We can bring this evergreen exciting family experience to your venue.

Contact us to install at your location.

TheBlu Single Person Experience

TheBlu Venue Edition is a remastered 8-minute version of theBlu Season 1 specifically designed as a location-based experience released for venues such as museums, recreation centers, malls and other public spaces.

TheBlu Venue Edition featured at the Natural History Museum in LA, the Dubai Mall, JFK airport, and other locations around the world.

Case Study: NHMLA and Dubai

Contact us to install at your location.

NHM: “This iconic experience from Wevr brings us to a new level of interactivity... Engaging and inspiring visitors is what we do — and theBlu is beautiful, powerful storytelling. It would not surprise me if the next generation of marine biologists — and VR developers — are inspired by this exhibit.” - NHM director and president
Dubai: “While theBlu will create a sense of wonder, the VRZOO also hopes to educate its audience on the challenges that animals of all kinds face... VR is becoming an increasingly important tool in raising the awareness of many campaigns like these.” - VR Scout
NHM: “One of the three best things to do today in Los Angeles.” - Time Out Los Angeles
NHM: “People may come to this experience that may never have thought to come to the Natural History Museum… and then this changes their perception of the Museum. When they leave… some sort of new curiosity is sparked within them.” - Natural History Museum of Los Angeles

More experiences for your venue

Looking for other content to wow audiences at your venue or event?

Wevr offers a broad range of award-winning interactive experiences, both VR (standing) and 360 video (seated), spanning multiple genres and representing collaborations with top creators in the entertainment industry from Reggie Watts to Deepak Chopra. Confront your existence while on a guided meditation with Deepak Chopra. Descend into Phil Tippett’s dystopian subterranean netherworld of monsters and mad scientists in Mad God. Awaken in an asteroid on an interactive journey into deep space in Irrational Exuberance, of Sundance Festival acclaim. Or experience the beauty, hilarity and absurdity of our immersive musical, art and comedy pieces that take you anywhere from surreal post-apocalyptic worlds to vibrant psychedelic dance parties.

Our productions have been crowd pleasers at music festivals, family entertainment centers, educational institutions, corporate events, trade shows and notable venues including the The Chopra Center, the Somerset House in London, and many others throughout the U.S., Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

If you’d like info on how to bring our content to your site, or would like to create a bespoke show or installation specifically for your visitors, we’d like to hear from you.

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